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Name: Zim
Occupation: Irken Invader (Although really I guess he’s actually a fast food worker at Foodcourtia until he ‘unbanished' himself)| Student 5th grade, Ms.Bitter's class
Age: Unknown
Height: Around 3-4ft
Hair Color: Antennae when he’s normal | Human Disguise: Big black bouffont wig
Eye Color: Magneta | Human disguise: Grey blue
Distinctive Features: Short, green skin and no ears
Species: Irken
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Main Objective: To destroy all human life as part of Operation Impending Doom 2 and be acknowlegded by the Tallest. Also to get rid of his annoying nemesis Dib.
Main Nemesis: Dib
Canon Family: Robot Parents and his S.I.R unit Gir.