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[ Accidental post - Irken language]

[Translation: I can not understand anything anyone is saying on the disgusting duck community. This must be a duck virus. Stupid human technology!]
This disgusting duck place is more powerful than I could even imagine. There have been two duck viruses that have effected Zim. First the filthy party event surrounded by so many filthy disgusting stink-beasts! The Dib was there too trying to expose me. My amazing disguise seemed to keep the disgusting humans from listening to Dib and his annoyingly large smelly head.

I met the Winry and Roze duck-things there. Roze seems to not question Zim about anything and has said she would talk to the stupid Dib. She gets mad when I call Dib-stink disgusting. It's strange how her and the Winry-duck get angry about calling others dirt-children and other stuff. This does not happen at skool. Why is it that these duck place humans say such stuff to Zim?

There was one filthy pig-smelly that confronted Zim at that party thing. That disgusting poking stink-beast! I hate her! How dare she soil my head with her disgusting paws! I will have to keep watch on that one...she could be a problem for my mission. I'm sure she's been listening to the Dib-stink.

The second duck virus has two other Zims here and a video broad casted to the site without my permission. My smeet self was one of the Zims here, I was potentially exposed for all to see. My mission could have been in danger! The Tallest would have killed me for sure! Luckily only the two Dibs and a smaller Winry-duck spoke to us. I think the amazing story I came up with about my smeet self being a toy convinced the dirt-child Winry and my mission is safe. Why am I so amazing?!

The other Zim was claiming to be in the future. He was disgusting, I do not believe he was actually me! I refuse to believe that I am a lazy, snack eating Dib wanting moron! I will complete my mission because I am amazing...I AM ZIM! I am sure the duck place made him up to fool me. You will not get the better of Zim, duck place!
This duck place has become a problem, or at least a potential problem. The filthy humans seem to have been influenced by the Dib. Why are they all of a sudden listening to that crazy big headed pig-smelly?! There have been a few duck beasts that have started to question me. Stupid duck-beasts, questioning Zim!

There is a disgusting stink-beast in particular that is especially troublesome and is suspicious of my amazing disguise! Stupid Dib and his massive head full of LIES! He's got to be the one behind all these annoying duck-beasts and their stupid suspicious questions.

Then there's the matter of this thing that the Dib-stink is hiding. I will find out this secret and then I'll use whatever it is to my advantage. This disgusting duck place will not get the better of Zim!

[IC Inbox]

You have reached Zim! Wait, how did you get this number...? Leave your filthy messages for me here on this perfectly normal calling device.